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Accelerometer MR3000C


DEMCONcontinuing its long and successful course in the field of demolition, has in its possession the accelerometer MR3000C, model of the company SYSCOM.

The MR3000C is an extremely reliable and efficient state-of-the-art vibration and motion measuring instrument. More specifically, it is a three-axis servo-accelerometer (servo-accelerometer) that bases its operation on the principles of a capacitive compensating power sensor.

The accelerometer consists of a beam with suspended mass. When the mass deviates from its original position due to vibrations, the deviation is measured by special sensors and “translated” into acceleration. It has a measurement range (acceleration width) ± 4g and frequencies from 1 to 350Hz.

The identification and monitoring of the dynamic characteristics of the structures, in which the highly specialized staff of DEMCON works, can serve various purposes such as:

  • Recording the dynamic response of structures during each time of work sufficiently and accurately.
  • Assessment of the selectivity of the construction under operating loads, seismic vibrations, wind loads, heavy vehicle traffic, blast vibrations.
  • Evaluation of the structural condition of the construction.
  • Creation of a database with the ultimate goal of monitoring the “health” of the construction.
  • Early detection of problems and avoidance of destructive failures.

The MR3000C consists of a complete set of recording devices and auxiliary systems, such as:

  • Compact unit with sensor system.
  • Data recording system.
  • Data processing system.
  • Digital registration and communication system.
  • Memory.
  • Built-in Web Server for easy access.
  • Accurate timing (GPS).
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Wireless connectivity.