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BLK Leica 360 Laser Scanner

BLK Leica 360 Laser Scanner

BLK Leica 360 Laser Scanner which is a pioneering and innovative 3D Imaging System (3D Imagine System), which allows the user to scan the space at the touch of a button.

Its main advantage is the receipt of information with high accuracy and in less than three minutes.

In addition, the small size of the machine (Weight of one kilo and dimensions: 165mm x 100mm) allows it to be transported to all locations inside the construction site.

The 3D panoramic images obtained from the shots, together with the compatibility of the machine with the Autodesk software programs, make the capture and measurement of the falling spaces and elements extremely easy and completely successful.

In addition, the direct transformation of the generated image into CAD files, BIM, etc., reduces the risk of data loss by increasing the accuracy of the measurements.