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DEMCON Demolition Contractors is active in the field of demolition with controlled use of explosives but also with conventional mechanical means.

DEMCON is the only company in the Balkans specializing in controlled demolition using explosives.

The course of the company is full of complex projects that have been executed with absolute success, “0” accidents, and delivery within the predetermined budget and schedule.

This is the purpose and philosophy of DEMCON, the proof of absolute professionalism and success in every project it undertakes.

DEMCON always prioritizes the Protection, Health and Safety of employees, citizens and the environment.

“GREEN DEMOLITION” and “HEALTH & SAFETY” at work are the primary concern and the final phase of all the work of the company.

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DEMCON is a pioneer for the Greek data on “GREEN” issues of Hazardous Waste management and all materials resulting from any demolition, such as irons, aggregates, soil, etc.

Demolition, whether controlled or conventional, is governed by a specific method of performing work and managing materials.

Following European standards, DEMCON has entered into a Hazardous Waste Management Agreement, the purpose of which is to prevent, as a matter of priority, the generation of waste from construction, demolition, technical infrastructure, excavation and reuse, recycling and recycling. the use of “CLEAN” technologies.

The “HEALTH & SAFETY” of the people who work on the demolition sites and of course of the citizens who often live or work around the construction site, is the absolute priority of the company.

DEMCON undertakes and executes projects in accordance with international regulations governing the demolition industry, without making “discounts” on safety issues, which may lead to serious injuries or fatal accidents. Proof of strict compliance with safety rules is the history of DEMCON which has “0” accidents.


Complete demolition solutions
with respect for man and the environment

Preparation of a study by an experienced qualified technician.
Appropriate methodology for the safest, fastest and most economical execution of the project.
Demolition Consultant Services taking into account the specifics of each project
Green Management - Recycling of materials resulting from any type of demolition
Special Protective Clothing for employees with the appropriate equipment according to the particularities of each project.
Risk Communication Program Risk Recording and Evaluation
Qualified experienced workforce of Airmen - Demolitionists
Periodic medical monitoring of aerial - demolition
Adherence to the project schedule.

DEMCON holds the required certification from international organizations for Occupational Health and Safety, such as the National Association of Demolition Contractors (N.A.D.C.), International Society of Explosives Engineers (I.S.E.E.), European Agency of Occupation Safety and Health (O.S.H.). At the same time, a necessary qualification for all aviators – demolition workers is the Training Certificate from the international organizations for Safety and Health at Work, in the field of Demolition.

In our effort to create better working conditions and to urge in this direction and the competent authorities of our country, we have proceeded to the translation of Safety Manuals for work in the field of demolition: Safety Manual, Risk Communication Manual.

DEMCON is the only company in Greece in the field of demolition that has won honors for its active participation in international organizations for the observance of Occupational Safety Rules and the Successful Execution of Complex Projects.

  • 2005 Honorary distinction from the international organization N.A.D.C. for the absolute observance of the safety conditions at work.
  • 2006 European Occupational Safety and Health Award from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work O.S.H.
  • 2009 Nominated for the International Annual Demolition Awards 2009, Amsterdam, Holland for the successful completion of a very complex project in the center of Thessaloniki.
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DEMCON has managed to gain the trust and respect of companies of international renown and to cooperate with them in the execution of dangerous projects.

This is mainly due to the thorough training of its staff, with strict international standards, to the latest technology machinery and techniques of demolition and management of hazardous materials, as well as to the faithful observance of the Safety conditions at work.

Participation in the international press with articles and case studies of complex works, with rich photographic material from DEMCON works, is very frequent.

You can find company articles and demolition techniques analysis in journals such as NADC’s “DEMOLITION” and the official journal of the international organization ISEE.

As well as in the magazines Construction Issues and Concrete, which from time to time have hosted on their pages articles and press releases about ongoing DEMCON projects.

The DEMCON site as well as Facebook are constantly updated with the latest projects of the company, with technical articles concerning both safety at work and new techniques that are already applied abroad.

At this point, we would like to thank all DEMCON customers who honored us with their trust and cooperation in any kind of project.