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Environmental Management

Environmental protection is a key parameter in the design and implementation of all Demcon business activities. Therefore, the company is constantly striving to provide its services with the least possible burden on the environment.

Our non-negotiable goals remain: the continuous improvement of the quality of our services, the development and adoption of know-how around the construction sector, the reduced impact of our work on the environment, our energy efficiency and the reduction of our environmental footprint.

Demcon’s environmental management policy focuses on the prevention of environmental pollution, on the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, on the rational management of resources and on the optimal utilization of the raw materials – natural resources it uses, on the efficient management of energy during operation. the process with a beneficial effect on the environment and the adoption of practices for environmental protection and sustainability.

Demcon has applied successful practices in all its projects and has adopted state-of-the-art technological applications for the efficient management of the waste resulting from its construction processes. The business model of operation at the level of environmental management has as main axes:

  • The prevention of generated waste / Waste Prevention
  • The reduction of waste generated / Waste Reduce
  • Recycling – reuse of waste / Waste Recycle – Reuse
  • Hazardous Waste Management (eg Asbestos)

Hazardous waste management is an area where Demcon has a track record of successfully completing complex and upgraded projects. Demcon in a project of key importance and special difficulty, in the level of Health and Safety planning and waste management, carried out with absolute success the work of removal of asbestos and all contaminated materials – demolition products with a total weight of 700t. Then, following all the safety rules, he proceeded to pack the materials and transport them outside the work area, to a predetermined storage and processing area.

Demcon, in the management of its mechanical equipment and fleet, has implemented technological solutions and practices that achieve the reduction of energy consumption and emissions from their operational process to reduce the impact on Climate Change. The specific targeting concerns:

  • Efficient energy management / Energy efficiency
  • Reducing energy consumption / Energy conservation
  • Energy management

Demcon is characterized by its “lead” in protecting the environment for future generations. The principles of environmental and sustainable ethics of Demcon, make necessary the environmentally and sociologically rational management of construction waste and characterize as important the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

The Management of the Company believes and considers that the Protection of the Environment and the Health & Safety of its employees, is the obligation of ALL and is committed to the implementation of every possible measure and procedure to minimize and / or eliminate the relevant negative consequences.

The company is committed to protecting the environment, recognizing and evaluating the environmental aspects of its activities. The result of this commitment is:

  • Avoiding pollution of the soil, groundwater and atmosphere and the environment in general.
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated and ensuring that it is handled and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Avoiding the export of materials from the ground, consequently the stocks are maintained especially when it comes to rare and non-renewable materials.
  • Avoiding the aesthetic degradation of the environment.
  • Saving significant amounts of energy and capital.
  • Saving natural resources through the reuse and recycling of materials, the supply of recycled materials and the use of recyclable packaging and other materials.
  • To use energy responsibly in all its functions.

Demcon initiates all actions for the recycling (on-site and off-site) of the waste generated by its projects, always in accordance with the current National and Community Legislation regarding the protection of soil and water, air emissions, noise controls , the safety and health requirements of society as a whole and its employees.

The recycling process is achieved thanks to the appropriate mechanical equipment available to Demcon and its experienced staff with thorough scientific training and ease of operation of the processing unit. More specifically, the company has:

  • Crushers (BF120, EXTEC C12) inside the construction site, which are used to break the raw building materials to the desired granulometry at the project site. The final recycled material is produced in concrete grade and used either on site for embankments, paving or without pre-treatment is transported to licensed bodies for recycling.
  • Crawling excavators, which are used to break various structures (with the help of accessories such as pulverizers, hydraulic hammers), to feed the crushers and to load construction and earthworks waste into trucks.
  • Shredders, which cut wood, tree branches, plastics, plasterboard, rock wool, various wastes, etc.
  • Trucks, with collection and transport licenses of AEKK. The trucks transport the AEKK from their place of production and deliver them to approved processing units or to approved areas of their utilization.

Demcon through the implementation of its commitments contributes:

  • Reducing the environmental and health impact of waste.
  • To prevent waste generation.
  • In ensuring the certified disposal of waste.
  • In the improvement of the efficiency of the resources of Greece and consequently of SE Europe.
  • Achieving higher levels of recycling.

The result of the above is the award of Demcon at the Environmental Awards 2020. The participants in the competition were Companies and Organizations that have implemented successful practices and strategies and have installed technologies and applications for:

  • Efficient exploitation, recovery or management of solid waste resulting from their production process or operation.
  • Exploitation and utilization of the raw materials they use.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions they produce.
  • Efficient management of the energy they consume.
  • Minimization of the environmental nuisance resulting from their activities.
  • Promoting the concept of sustainability in society.

Demcon was awarded the Silver Award in the category of Waste Management and more specifically in the subcategories Recycling – Waste Recycle – Reuse and Circular economy with the title of Candidate: Management of AEKK, reduction of impact / nuisance and utilization – reuse of waste their treatment to meet the needs of the Landfill.

More specifically, Demcon, in 2017, in the framework of the Project “Renovation of Ikos Dasia Hotel – A’ Phase – Demolitions”, in Corfu, subcontracted the Subproject “Demolition / demolition of hotel units and management of AEKK”. At the end of the work, the overall involvement of Demcon in the project resulted in benefiting both the environment (minimization of dust emissions, minimization of pollutant emissions, utilization of materials, disposal of tons of waste mixtures to legal recipients, etc.) as well as approaching the achievement of green development by Ikos Dasia and the Ikos Resorts group, generally with major institutional, social, economic and environmental positive impacts during the project.

More specifically, the design and implementation by Demcon but also the ultimate strategy and goal of the company resulted in:

  • To reduce to a minimum the dust and noise emissions and the nuisances of the neighborhoods.
  • The movement of heavy vehicles on the road network of the area was minimized during a peak tourist season.
  • No activity around the construction site was suspended or complaints of harassment were lodged.
  • To be utilized:

a) 80,000 m3 of earthy materials and aggregates for the needs of the Project (earthworks, green and drainage zones, field substrates, as a substitute for aggregate filling concrete and waterproof concrete for external applications).

b) 22,387 tons of demolition and excavation materials at the Temploni landfill (mainly to cover and stabilize the slopes of supersaturated cells).

  • To be available:

a) 21,359 tons of demolition waste mixtures (EKA Code 17 09 04) for management in the unit of the relevant SSED AEKK.

b) 100 tons of pre-selected scrap, directly to a recycling unit and c) 60 tons of municipal-like waste at the Temploni landfill.

Demcon incorporates in its business planning its commitment to protecting the environment, recognizing and evaluating the environmental aspects of its activities, and prioritizing the right to a clean anthropogenic environment, undertakes projects that require Valuation and Mapping for the given study. of noise and air pollutants using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The aim of this study is to investigate the potential environmental disturbances, from the noise produced during the operation of a construction site (operation of machinery, movement of heavy vehicles, movement of staff), as well as the assessment of air pollutants (aerosols).

In the study of evaluation and mapping of noise and air pollutants using GSP. (GIS) are measured, evaluated, evaluated, modeled, mapped and predicted through a series of stochastic scenarios of potential disturbance to the living and abiotic environment by work performed on a Demcon project.

Through the study and analysis of the results, the behavior of the construction sites is evaluated and conclusions are drawn which are compared with the provisions of the current legislation that defines the noise levels and the parameters of air pollution. Finally, proposals are made to prevent and possibly halt the phenomenon to improve acoustic behavior and further reduce noise levels and air pollutants.

Finally, Demcon, in the context of its corporate, technological and mechanical upgrade and its commitment to the proper environmental management of the demolition projects undertaken, has proceeded with the purchase of the fog cannons, FOG CANNON HENNLICH 15 & 30. The fog cannons are used for the effective spraying of water or liquid mixtures in order to minimize the dust. The fog cannon creates a spray driven by the strong airflow produced by a fan. The approach of the spray depends on the speed and direction of the wind.

The specific mechanical equipment, throughout the execution of the works, wetts the field of action in a radius of up to 36 m. This minimizes the dust produced by the demolition work, which is the most appropriate method to minimize the suspension of dust produced by the demolition.

The water consumption of the FOG CANNON is 50% less than the consumption of a common hose. In addition, the operation of the machine, during the demolition work, does not require human presence, which is desirable to avoid a work accident during the demolition.

The specialized know-how, the scientific training of the human resources and the perfect environmental management of the projects carried out by the company, were crystallized in the 6th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management, held in Dembitli, Crete, in 2018. was part of the presentation, as a model now, of the demolition works for the following years.