DEMCON, as a supporter of innovation, has built in accordance with the requirements set by the company, a machine for minimizing dust during demolition. This machine sprays water with high pressure in specific areas of the demolition in order to minimize the emission of dust during the demolition – demolition.

Specifically, during the entire execution of the works in the projects undertaken by DEMCON, the field of action is wetted by the special machine for minimizing the company’s powder, the Hennlich Gun 30 (Fog Canon).

The Fog Canon is a cutting-edge machine that launches a cloud of water within a radius of up to 36 meters. In this way, the dust produced by demolition work is minimized to the maximum, which is the most appropriate global method to “cover” the dust caused by demolition.

The water consumption of the Fog Canon is 50% less than the consumption of a common tire. In addition, the operation of the machine does not require human presence, a desirable event to avoid a work accident during demolition.