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The company DEMCON SINGLE MEMBER P.C.is constantly striving to improve the level of its activities, in such a way as to contribute to sustainable development and maximize its social and cultural contribution.

The Environmental Management System of the company covers the: Demolition Contractors

and was designed according to the requirements of the International Standard ELOT ENISO14001: 2015, adapted to the needs and aspirations of the company.

In particular, the company is committed to the following:

  • To recognize and fully comply with the Environmental Legislation that governs each activity performed by it as well as with the needs and expectations of stakeholders (customers, staff, wider community, etc.).
  • To recognize and evaluate the Environmental Aspects of its activities.
  • To recognize the Environmental Impacts arising from the Environmental Aspects and take the necessary measures to minimize them.
  • To continuously implement and improve the Environmental Management System in order to improve its environmental performance.
  • To watch and measure Significant Environmental Impacts.
  • To take care of the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution.
  • To set clear, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound environmental Objectives, to review them annually and to take all necessary actions to achieve them. The general framework of the company’s goals is:
    • To educate and sensitize all employees of the company in matters of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection.
    • To provide the necessary resources for the implementation of the Environmental Management System and for the achievement of its Environmental Objectives.
    • To adopt specific rules of environmental controls in its internal operation (control of consumption, waste, supplies).
    • To communicate data and information on its environmental performance to relevant stakeholders, partners and the community, upon request.

The company’s commitment to the above environmental policy will be demonstrated by reviewing its environmental objectives, in each review by Management, as well as the corrective actions that will be taken, to ensure the continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.

The company considers that the protection of the environment is the obligation of all and is committed to implement every possible measure, process, system to minimize the negative environmental impact and maximize the corresponding positive ones.

Thessaloniki, 01.09.2021 ForDEMCON SINGLE MEMBER P.C.