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1. Use of Explosives


The demolition with controlled use of explosives of the NAT building in the center of Athens was successfully carried out shortly after 10 in the morning of Sunday, October 24, 2010, in just 14 seconds.

The mayor of Athens was present at the scene.
The building belonged to the Naval Retirement Fund (NAT). It was abandoned in the 1980s and introduced risk since 2003.

The history of demolition
• The demolition with controlled use of explosives was carried out after finding that the building was dangerous and dilapidated and posed risks to residents and passers-by.
• Greek law provides for the use of explosives for security reasons. Moreover, this method is faster and safer according to international standards.
• The demolition process using explosives lasted only 10 days.
• The fall of the building lasted 14 seconds.

The first time of explosion took place in the core of the building and two series of explosions followed with a difference of seven (7) and ten (10) seconds in columns to achieve the fall of the building in its contour.

The following were used for the demolition:

  • Seventy (70) kilos of gelatodynamitis.
  • Detonator circuit based on the internationally recognized NONEL system that we procured from Sweden.
  • Five vibrators recorded the oscillation velocities and vibrations proving zero danger to adjacent buildings. According to the German specifications, the oscillation studies were performed based on the technique defined by DIN 4150-2.
  • To protect neighboring buildings and people, draconian measures were taken to avoid the loss of even glass:
  • Use containers for any debris during blasting.
  • Installation of strong steel meshes with earthenware of 500 grams

The building was demolished in 14 seconds, with the conventional method needed 90 days, excessive costs and traffic disruption, and great inconvenience to residents.
The DEMCON company which carried out the demolition represents the company AED (Advanced Explosives Demolition) whose representatives participated in the preparation.
For the completion of the project, the services of the Municipality of Athens and the Municipal Police collaborated with the Athens Traffic Police, the General Police Directorate of Athens, and the public benefit organizations DEPA, PPC, and EYDAP.