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Quality Policy

The high quality of the services offered by Demcon is ensured through the application of advanced methods of project implementation, the achievement of the optimal cost in the required times and the strict quality control in all phases of each project. It is also ensured through the proper planning and effective management of each project, the continuous communication with customers, suppliers and partners, the optimal distribution of tasks and responsibilities and the continuous training of the staff.

The quality policy of the company focuses on the satisfaction of customer requirements, on the protection of the customer from any risks related to destruction and pollution of the environment during the works, on the implementation of projects based on specific specifications and finally on the continuous effort to improve quality of the services provided.

The strong point and the key to the success of the company has always been the perfect organization of all levels of service.

Demcon is characterized by its continuous effort of Quality Modernization. Through this effort, Demcon has achieved:

  • Improving its competitiveness.
  • The continuous improvement of the Health, Safety and Environment Management System.
  • Increase recycling rates in accordance with regulations and legislation.
  • Increasing its profitability.
  • Enhancing extroversion.
  • Expanding the market by adding services.
  • Ensuring the highest quality of services.
  • Increase productivity & improve its operating processes.
  • Creating / maintaining quality jobs.
  • The strengthening of the company, through which benefits are decided in the competitiveness of the country as well as in the local economy.

The company’s quality policy focuses on meeting the requirements of its customers. This was crystallized in the letter of satisfactory performance received by Demcon after its collaboration with Ramboll and Interserve, in the project entitled Demolitions – Demolition of Princess Mary Hospital and Cliff House, in Akrotiri, Cyprus in 2015. The completion time was six months and the employer was the British base of the RAF, CSP (The Cyprus Services Provider – Joint Venture).