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Ensuring Health and Safety across the spectrum of corporate activity is a strategic goal for Demcon as the effort to achieve safe working conditions for its staff, partners and customers is continuous and systematic.

As a result, Demcon has been certified by three international carriers for the safety measures which applies during the demolition process. More specifically from the National Association of Demolition Contractors, the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health and the International Society of Explosives Engineers (N.A.D.C., E.O.S.H., I.S.E.E.).

Demcon’s health and safety policy focuses on preventing accidents at work, as well as preventing potential damage to facilities or equipment. For that reason, it ensures the continuous training of its employees on safety issues, the drafting of standard contracts that define the security obligations of subcontractors, and the continuous monitoring, evaluation and improvement of the security level of its activities.

The safety and health management system adopted by Demcon in the performance of its work is based on the provisions of applicable law.

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"From the beginning safely"

The company appoints Safety & Health Technicians and Coordinators, Occupational physician, the File and the Safety and Health Plan are prepared, while supplying its employees with the most modern Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as:

  • Safety Helmets JSP MARK 3
  • High density polyethylene helmets CE EN 397
  • Safety shoes S3 (specifications CE EN 345 S3 and metal finger protection)
  • Earplugs and head earplugs CE EN 352-1
  • Folding powder mask FFP3 with valve (Standards EN 149)
  • Glasses made of material POLYCARBONATE for resistance to microparticle shocks CE EN 166
  • Heavy duty leather glove CE EN 388 and glove SACLA (Kevlar Eurosafe)
  • Welded aprons (SACLA – Welding Apron)
  • Welding masks (SACLA)
  • One-piece seat belt GOLDEN TOP PLUS FULL BODY HARNESS SACLA and FROMENT 5 and 7 points (CE EN 188)
  • Safety rings, belt power absorbers, suction supply systems, adjustable hook ropes, retractable fall stops with rope and anti-slip guides.
  • Working straps in two colors (PANOPLY MACH2 CE According to the European Directive 89/686).
  • Fully equipped work-site pharmacies.
  • Our company proceeded to the purchase of the defibrillator LifePack R Plus, which is characterized by its easy and effective use in the field for the treatment of a sudden cardiac arrest episode.

We must clarify that all our equipment is certified (EU Type Examination Certificate) as well as that our company has adopted strict control and maintenance protocols.

Demcon is committed to:

  • To comply with applicable legal and other requirements, in order to ensure the protection of the Environment and the Health & Safety of its employees.
  • Recognize the risks and minimize their consequences to all its employees, by taking appropriate precautionary measures.
  • To prevent injuries, illnesses and adverse Health & Safety incidents that could arise from its operation and activities.
  • To provide appropriate training and to ensure the participation of employees in matters relating to Health & Safety at work.
  • To announce its commitment to the protection of the Environment and the Health & Safety of its employees, its suppliers, its customers and the society in which it operates.

The consequence of the above strategic choices is Demcon’s continued distinctions in the field of Safety & Health.

In 2006 Demcon was awarded, in the context of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSH) competition, the European Good Practice Award for the proper implementation of occupational safety and health measures and for the proper training of its employees.

In 2005 Demcon was distinguished and awarded for the correct and strict implementation of Safety & Health Measures in the field of demolition by the international association National Association of Demolition Contractors (NADC) for the absolute observance of the safety conditions during the execution of its tasks.

Demcon has been active for 30 years in the dangerous and full of peculiarities sector of demolition. Demolition work is a set consisting of particularly difficult and complex individual processes belonging to different areas of work. Demcon in all areas related to demolition, procedures, methodology, security issues, recycling, follows the standards of world-class organizations.

The company is constantly training new people and new staff, with international standards and European standards, in the difficult and dangerous field of demolition and demolition and invests in them giving great importance to security, considering that it is the most key factor and for this reason, business processes, in all areas, have Security as a main criterion.

The result of Demcon’s unwavering commitment to the Health and Safety of its employees and the adoption of a strong operating framework based on the policy that considers safety and health conditions a prerequisite for the exercise of its activities, which is also a commitment of the Management, is the recognition of the company domestically and internationally.

Demcon has adopted the concept of the holistic nature of Security. It focuses on improving the security culture, to enhance performance in all corporate activities. The core of the thinking is the “Risk Assessment”, which is supported and feedback through procedures, inspections and training. In the field of occupational risk management, the precautionary principle is applied, in order to anticipate and control all possible risks.