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Demcon seeks to respond responsibly to modern economic, environmental and social challenges, always guided by the principles of Sustainable Development.

Our non-negotiable goals remain: the continuous improvement of the quality of our services, the know-how and specialization in the field of demolition and construction, the continuous training and development of our employees, the reduction of our environmental footprint and clearly the development of actions aimed at management and energy saving.

A priority for Demcon is the management of waste and materials resulting from any demolition, in full compliance with the law. In the context of the circular Economy, we achieve Recycling of almost all materials, contributing to the protection of the environment by eliminating the uncontrolled disposal of construction waste, demonstrating practical respect for both the natural environment and our fellow human beings.

On the way to the future we try to take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves, in order to produce added value. Our strategic planning, best practices and goals are based on respect for Man, Society and the Environment.

Our goal is to expand Demcon’s activities in the market of SE Europe and the Balkans in general. Achieving a leading position in the Cypriot market and enhancing the readability of the company are key medium-term ambitions. The goal of the company is to cover as much as possible the ever-increasing needs that arise in the developing construction industry of Cyprus and to promote the innovative solutions it offers.

We seek to expand Demcon’s activities in Europe in general through the company’s participation in local projects. The goal is to increase Demcon’s market share, reduce service costs compared to competitors, provide high quality services as well as strengthen the company’s presence in international markets.

We aim at the application of new technologies, expansion of the scope of the provided services and expansion of the company in new and healthy markets. The rational distribution of goals throughout the company is expected to strengthen its activity and guarantees the achievement of all goals, following a continuous upward trend.