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The TRIAS hydraulic system achieves higher efficiencies with better fuel consumption.

Lower fuel costs.

Greater swing power.

The increased torque facilitates digging next to the side walls and works on slopes.

Every manufacturer of construction machinery must comply with EU law, but Hitachi takes the latest emission standards to another level. The development of the new ZAXIS range of excavators has incorporated a number of environmentally friendly features with a strong emphasis on productivity. In this way, ZAXIS 290 sets the benchmark for absolute performance in the workplace.
The new ZAXIS 290 is a sign of our commitment to minimize the impact of construction machinery on the environment in accordance with the Community Stage IIIB Emission Control.

The ZAXIS 290 is equipped with a muffler filter for the collection of air pollutants, which burns automatically thanks to an oxidation catalyst and exhaust gas temperature control. The high-volume variable geometry turbocharger and high-volume EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) also help reduce nitrogen oxide levels. In addition to reducing emissions, the ZAXIS 290 automatic shut-off helps prevent fuel wastage and reduces cabin noise levels. In addition, all resin parts in the new ZAXIS Medium Excavator series are suitable for recycling and are clearly labeled for ease of use in this process. The powerful new generation engine compatible with the Stage IIIB of the ZAXIS 290 offers greater productivity, with higher fuel efficiency and has modern controls on all components. The TRIAS hydraulic system has also been developed to achieve higher efficiencies with better fuel consumption.