DEMCON always with safety in mind, has Physio Control defibrillators.

The physio Control America portable lifepak cr plus defibrillator is specially designed for easy and effective use by the first responder to a sudden cardiac arrest episode.

Using the same advanced technology trusted by all emergency medical professionals, yet extremely simple to use, the Lifepak cr Plus automatic defibrillator combines easy two-step operation with the ability to provide scaled energy of up to 360 joules when needed, according to the applicable cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines.

Like all Lifepak defibrillators, the cr Plus is characterized by advanced technology and the excellent build quality of the leading US manufacturer Physio-Control, can simply, safely and effectively be used to save a human life .

The LIFEPAK CR PLUS defibrillator is small in volume and weight and can be transported directly to the scene. Its innovative design that achieves the automatic activation of the device with the press of a single button, the specially packaged Quick-Pak electrodes TM, the clear voice instructions in the Greek language as well as the bright visual indications, make the use of CR PLUS very simple and safe even by someone who has little or no previous experience.

The leading ADAPTIV two-phase defibrillation technology TM Biphasic with the ability to provide up to 360 Joules, the award-winning με with patented Shock Advisory System TM, CPR MAX technology TM and the patented Motion Detection interference recognition system TM , are the main features of the LIFEPAK CR PLUS defibrillator that ensure the effective delivery of the treatment, with ease for the user but also maximum safety for the victim, providing shock only if defibrillation is necessary. The portable defibrillator LIFEPAK CR PLUS is suitable for use in patients of all ages from newborns to adults, it performs automatic periodic checks of its operating status.

  • Proven operating reliability from the leading Physio-Control company.
  • Specially designed for use in public or at home.
  • Simple, practical and safe for use in patients of all ages.
  • Portable and lightweight can be transported directly to the scene of the event.
  • Ability to provide graduated power up to 360 Joules when required.
  • Award-winning heart rate analysis system.
  • Patented interference recognition system to prevent misdiagnosis.
  • Automatic system of periodic operation controls.
  • Built-in digital memory for detailed episode recording.
  • Operation from a rechargeable battery with high autonomy.
  • It requires no maintenance other than periodic electrode replacement and battery charging.
  • Eight (8) years warranty from the leading US company Physio-Control.